As a trained Industrial Designer I value collaborating with talented people utilizing skilled craftsmanship and quality fabrication techniques. 


For GameWorks we built this ocean WaveRunner set for the MTV WaveRunner Challenge. Check out X-Files Agent Scully riding waves.


This 35 foot T-Rex was sculpted and built in Los Angeles. It was then disassembled and shipped to a facility overseas. The final product has a steel structure that supports the fiberglass sections. Final detail paint was added in the field.





Building the exterior of Space Mountain in Paris, France: We used cast GFRC rock work panels developed from a scale model. There was an A and B mold to create all the panels, we then cut and placed them in different configurations. Finally buttering them all together and paint and finish.

The Canon called "Columbia" had 26 sub-contractors. I had to visit a lot of shops for this project. Disney is one of the only companies I have seen that can manage something this complex. - It was a great experience.